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Science and Testimonials on
Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy


Over 20,000 Globally Published Scientific Case Studies
on Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy
Proven to Benefit the Human Body

Hundreds of PEMF Therapy Studies can be found at www.PubMed.com
(type PEMF into the search bar)

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“ Human cells that are exposed for 8 mins. to Earth’s
low frequency Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field
grow faster and stronger.”

NASA’s SUMMARY after spending $3.5 Million
in 2003 on a 4 year study on the effects of
PEMFs on the human body

“ Every activity of our cells can ONLY
take place due to electrical impulse.
PEMF is a benefit for mankind from infant
to the geriatric, and will lead to a change in
the paradigm of medicine.”

- Dr. Linus Pauling, Double Nobel Prize Winner

“ Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Technology
Revolutionizes the Practice of Medicine,
specially Pain Management.”

- Dr. Oz

It was first discovered that we cannot live without
the Earth’s Low Pulsating Magnetic Field
by Yuri Gagarin, the Russian Astronaut who
circumnavigated the globe for 100 minutes in 1961

He returned with severe Osteporosis
and clinically diagnosed Depression
that lasted the rest of his days.

*PEMFs have been reproduced in all space suits since then

millions of hertz that our cells simply cannot handle

So our cells degenerate and mutate and die, causing many
of the condititons we call Modern Civilization Illnesses,
like kids being born with Leukemia and that
ONE out of every TWO of us now has Cancer


“ElectroMagnetic Pollution (EMF)
may be the most significant
form of pollution
human activity produced
this century!”

- Dr. Andrew Weil, leading health expert


Introducing NASA PEMF Technology
iMRS intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

6 Tightly Wound Copper Coils issuing Graduated Scalar Waves which exactly emulate
standing on the EARTH (stronger at the feet) so our bodies get activated by
these low Pulsating Electro Magnetic Frequencies - PEMFs

Lying on this MRS mat thus reverses degenerating negative high frequency damage by
RESONATING the LOW PULSATING EARTH FREQUENCIES (O to 30 hertz) back into our cells
which STRENGTHENS all our organs, pathways and systems enabling REJUVENATION


Dark Field Cellular Microscopy of Blood Cells

COMPARISON to Other PEMF Systems

iMRS 2000 Testimonials

Inflamed Knee, Energy, Blood Pressure

Dental Pain, Body Aches, Energy

Reversed Kidney Failure

Neck Pain

Injured Knee

Chronic Back Pain

Multiple Sclerosis, Pain, Sleep

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Depression


I LOVE my mat! And my results have been amazing. I went to Germany in November for treatment where they used Magnetic Field Therapy every day. I was using my mat every day before I went there, three times a day. In July, my breast cancer tumour marker was 113 and when I arrived in Germany it was down to 85. On my last test in Vancouver it was 50. When I returned from Germany, I had a MRI and my liver tumours shrunk by 30% and the density is decreasing. I have not had any other medications from the BCCA other than a new hormone which they already determined was not working. What a crazy ride! I have been telling EVERYONE that I meet to get one. Thanks again for getting me on the mat. It is part of my regime that is saving my life …... literally!

2 days later: “Freaking amazing, right? Had more blood work this week and the markers are down to 43! “

~ Kim W-McCreath, Vancouver


I have had back trouble for many years, and also high levels of stress in my life. Since using the iMRS system my pain levels have decreased by 90%, and my stress levels, and many of its symptoms have all but faded away from my life. I truly believe that the iMRS system is the future of medicine as it works in unity with the body’s own natural healing abilities.

~ Phil J Nicholls


After 30 days on the MRS, my blood pressure has dropped from the 140’s (systolic) over the 80’s (diastolic) to about 115/65. Arthritis in my knees has improved markedly. I have not felt the need to wear my leg brace at all since starting on the mat. As for my arthritic fingers, I have no more pain. Plus, something I haven’t been able to do for 6 years, I can snap my fingers! The arthritis in my shoulder is somewhat improved as well. Also, the nightly cramps in my feet and calves (possibly due to my statin drugs) are totally gone. And my nightly sinus drainage that I have suffered with for years has totally stopped.

~ Jim, Freeport, Florida


The Mat (Pulsed Magnetic System) has removed the spots in my peripheral vision and reversed my pressure headaches. It has given me energy, dissipated negative thinking and has improved my quality of life. I do shift work in the healthcare profession, and it provides the balance I had been missing, so I can sleep. I recommend this product to everyone.

~ Sharon Arthur, White Rock


I am 20 now and have had painful Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 11. Since then I have been on and off of SO many different medications such as: Diclofinact, Naproxan, Prednisone, Humaira, Enbrel, Orencia, Methotraxate, and more. I was constantly sick and my immune system was so low I was advised not to even be in public. I wore a mask during cold and flu season, I lost my hair and my nails stopped growing. Every time I would go to my specialist they would just say, ”Be happy that your are not in a wheel chair, maybe you should start saving up for one”. Six months ago I got introduced to the IMRS mat, which has changed my life! I feel better every time I use it. I would literally crawl into my treatment from all the pain almost in tears, have a session on the IMRS mat, and walk out of there feeling normal. Since using this remarkable MRS mat I am proud to say that I am off all of my medication, and have gone from getting IV injections once a week and taking 10 pills a day to simply just laying down plugging in and relaxing! I am 100% confident that I will never need pills or injections again. Words can just not say how much gratitude I feel for being able to use such an amazing technology.

~ April Brown, St. Catherines, ON


My mother has Parkinson's and her health has improved so much in just the last 6 weeks since using it. PEMF is truly the best health therapy for mankind.

~ Maria Angela-Mia


We have tested the iMRS PEMF technology on ourselves and also on patients (with cancer, Lymes and various other conditions). I can truly say this is life altering technology. I had used many technologies independent of each other with some success in the past 27 years of practice, however the response from my patients on the iMRS has been immediate and consistent. iMRS not only has the research to back it up but from my clinical experience, the results as well. Most equipment over sells and under performs. The iMRS undersells and over performs. I now have 2 iMRS professionals with the iMORE and the iSLRS in my office, one iMRS for my home and an Omnium1 for travel. My energy has skyrocketed as my health has improved. Recently I ran into our patient who introduced us to the iMRS and she has just gone back to teaching, something she thought she would never be able to do. This technology is definitely life altering.

~ Dr. Michael A Prytula


My husband, Rick cut into his leg with a chain saw while cutting wood in our brush. I had to rush him to the hospital for surgery to repair the almost severed tendon and bone. He came home in a cast and was supposed to be off work for 4 weeks because of the physical nature of his work. I applied the mat at regular settings twice a day and used the pad continuously under his leg at an intensity of 400. The wound healed so quickly that I had him stop using the pad on his leg because the stitches were hard to see with all the new tissue. After 2 weeks, he went for an Xray and to have his stitches removed. The X-ray technician actually came back in the room to confirm with Rick if he had X-rayed the correct leg because he could not see any signs of endon damage or missing bone. The stitches came out and he was completely healed. His surgeon was quite impressed with Rick’s quick recovery.

~ Kelly Post, Beamsville


Our 21 year old daughter, Lindsey, has autism with pervasive developmental disorder, as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder and conduct disorder. Due to Lindsey’s inconsistent behaviors, she has only been using the MRS mat 3 or 4 times a week for about 16 minutes each session. Still we have seen a marked improvement in Lindsey’s behavior since we began using the mat. She is talking more to communicate her needs (as opposed to yelling or not speaking at all), she has added a few new words to her limited vocabulary and there has been a decline in aggressive behaviors such as throwing objects and hitting out when she is frustrated.

~ Mark and Julie Shorten, Ontario Canada


Donna had significant pain in her knee for almost five years and had tried a variety of remedies, none of which brought relief. After consistent use of the mat and pad, Donna’s knee pain has been dramatically reduced. She also commented that she has been sleeping better at night.

~ Diana, Waxhaw, North Carolina


I was very interested in the fact that this MRS mat system was going to increase my oxygen, increase circulation and help with soreness that I had in my body. WOW! It did all that and more! In just a few short weeks, it lowered my blood sugar, increased my energy levels and helped my thyroid. I have been able to cut my meds in half ! For 20 years I did not sleep well and now I sleep the whole night through. With lots more energy, I have been able to lose weight. With no soreness, I am able to do strength exercises. My partner John has found that PEMF has taken away the back, knee and hand pain he had for many years. And all this in just 8 minutes each session. PEMF is a true blessing in both our lives.

~ C. Elaine Young & John Fidler, Ontario Canada


I suffered from Fibromyalgia and Lupus for many years. I had to use a cane to walk, as I hobbled along with my chronic pain. After one day on the mat, I stopped using my walking cane, and 3 days later was able to do stairs with minimal pain. This MRS 2000 magnetic resonance system takes the place of pain medications.

~ Bea, Denver, NC


I loaned my cousin’s wife my iMRS mat and probe. She used it on her knuckles 2 x day for a week. Swelling in her knuckles went away completely, and she could get rings on and off which was impossible before.

~ Gail Hestermann (Nurse), Maple Ridge, BC


Our horse, Sundance, had 3 significant head wounds from trying to free her head when it got caught in a fence. Swelling on the optic nerve resulted in blindness. The vet’s diagnosis wasn’t encouraging. Blind horses don’t do very well. After 3 months using this amazing technology, Sundance is fully healed, her hair has grown back and she has full vision.

~ Myla Yahraus, Las Vegas, Nevada


I had sharp excruciating hip and lower back pain and could not bend my knees without pain. On both of my hands I had large ganglions and my index finger was bent crooked on one hand. After 16 mins. of just lying on the mat, I could bend and extend my knees with no pain, and the pain in my hip went from an 8 to a 2. The most surprising thing was when I looked at my index finger and it was straight! Also the ganglions had shrunk considerably. This after only 16 minutes!

~ Grace Chang, Surrey, BC


I had Bursitis in my shoulder for 9 weeks which gave me terrible pain when I tried to lift or rotate my arm. After only 16 mins. using the mat and the pad, I could lift and rotate my arm with no pain whatsoever.

~ Angela, Weddington, NC


I had MS for 7 years and was deteriorating rapidly, with drop foot, spasticity and muscle stiffness which affected my sleeping and walking and ability to do anything. Using the mat 3 x a day, my core became stronger and I am walking without spasticity. I have joined both yoga and swimming which I could not undertake prior to the mat, and my muscle stiffness is greatly relieved. My health care professional is understandably impressed. PEMF couldn’t have come at a better time in my life, I am so thank- ful for this blessing.

~ Patty Shairs, Kennebunkport, Maine


Our precious dog, Buddy, was unable to stand on his front leg, so we used the mat. He began lying on the mat even when it was off, telling us he wanted it! After several months, Buddy’s limp has gone completely. We are very grateful.

~ The Matthews family, NC


I had not slept well for 20 years, had Diabetes and no energy, I was sore all over and was overweight. After using the MRS2000 system for a month everything improved. My thyroid and my blood sugar levels all stablized. My energy levels are great now, I have no soreness and I am losing weight. I tell everybody about this machine!

~ Elaine Young


I suffered from Osteoporosis in my hip and lower back for years and couldn’t ski anymore. Bummer! Then the mat! Now, after 5 months of daily use on the MRS2000 mat, I am now able to ski and play golf in the same day. Fantastic! My wife has MS and her sleep and overall health is steadily improving by using this system daily. Our son Mark was in a bad car accident in 1987 and this PEMF system has greatly reduced his hip pain. Our family has reaped the many benefits this PEMF has to offer. I think every home should have one.

~ Frank Gallant, Burlington, Ont.


After 3 years suffering with Bell’s Palsy and being unable to speak properly, I used this mat and probe for two 16 minute sessions, and my drooping and paralysis disappeared. I am now able to say my B’s and P’s properly.

~ Tina, Florida


I had poor sleeps for 40 years, anxiety and stress, with a duodenal ulcer since 6th grade, and have been taking meds for 40 years. This MRS2000 mat has calmed and de-stressed me. My receding gums and periodontal gum disease have also been reversed with this technology.

~ Rick Burger, NC


My 81 year old mom has been in and out of ER rooms, and doctors over the last 3 weeks. She is anxiety stricken and agitated. I have had her on the iMRS for the last five days solid and I am witnessing the relaxation and calm that comes over her on this transformational technology. Mom gets on this device and within 10 mins she becomes a different person every time. Thank you for this amazing device. This needs to be a part of every person's daily maintenance.

~ Cathy Bell


Marilyn has suffered from fibromyalgia for many years and recently (prior to using the mat) experienced severe pain, leading to back fusion surgery. She received some immediate pain relief after her surgery, but her back pain started returning a few short months later. Marilyn agreed to give the mat a try for 5 days just prior to departing for a 2 week out of town vacation. After the third day, Marilyn informed me that her pain level was decreasing and her energy was dramatically increasing and she felt better than she had felt in a long time. I arrived to collect the mat on the morning of the day they were leaving for vacation, and her husband asked me about the cost of purchasing a mat to have immediately. He said he had not seen his wife feel this good in months. When I told them delivery was 5 - 7 days, he said how important it was for Marilyn to be able to continue on it as it had helped her so dramatically. I gave them my mat for their vacation and made sure there was one waiting for them when they got home. Apparently on vacation, Marilyn rode bikes and worked out at the fitness center after 9 months absence, and felt great.

~ iMRS rep in Charlotte, North Carolina


I have a lifetime history of migraine headaches. Recently, I felt one coming on which I could tell by the ‘aura’ and the usual ‘lights’. I got on the MRS mat for 8 min. at sensitive, then 8 min. with the probe at 200 on both carotid arteries, then 8 min. back on the mat at sensitive. After a few minutes on the mat, the aura was gone, the light disappeared and the headache never developed.

~ Ginny, Freeport, Florida


Following a celiac disease diagnosis, I was having severe allergy reactions. I started to react in such a drastic way to pres- criptions that I was take to ER over 7 times: twice by ambulance with blood pressure 230/180. My blood pressure and difficulty breathing caused severe heart palpations and heat all over my body. I could not use hair spray or soaps, certain make-up, water, many types of foods, etc. without having an allergic reaction. It was debilitating and frightening. I often had times of feeling like I was passing out and kept my cell phone on me to reach emergency numbers. After 1 week on the MRS PEMF mat, I felt energy during the day I’d not experienced in a very long time! I had purchased it to relieve spinal pain and arthritis. I was amazingly surprised to find that in about 2 weeks, nearly all my allergies were GONE! My psoriasis has also disappeared. After 8 weeks on the mat, I have also been thrilled to drop 26 pounds! It has just melted off me without any change in diet or exercise.”

~ Ann, Charlotte, NC


My visiting dad was facing shoulder replacement surgery. After a mat session followed by 16 minutes of the pad over the area, the pain was gone from his shoulder. That night was the first night that pain had not woken him. He experienced substantially less pain on his flght home.

~ Ralph, Bloomington, Illinois


I recently had a foot scan for osteoporosis, and I was just delighted to receive the T SCORE results of 0.3. Wow! The last bone scan, which I had several years ago, was for the hip and spine and the T Score was over 2.0. The only changes I’ve made have been taking Himalayan salt (84 minerals) and started using the PEMF mat.

~ Sylvia Landis, Pennsylvania


I had bursitis in my left shoulder and had experienced pain for 9 weeks. Iwas unable to raise my arm above my shoulder and could not rotate my arm without experiencing a significant amount of pain. After 8 minutes on the MRS mat and 8 mins. using the pad, I was able to raise my arm above my head, move it around in circles and rotate it back without pain.

~ Angela Weddington, North Carolina


I had a recent injury to my foot, which caused chronic sharp pain as I walked. After using the MRS mat and probe the pain in my foot was completely gone. My wife commented that she experienced much better sleep after using the mat.

~ Jack, Charlotte, NC


Growing up as a child, my son developed numerous small benign bony lumps along his arms and later along his legs. First, he was misdiagnosed with cartilage growths; but when my son consulted a different physician for the second time in 2008 with knee pains, he was diagnosed with Multiple Osteochondromatosis. He was referred to a specialist who proposed surgery to remove these growths to which we agreed. Half way through surgery, we were informed that one of his ligaments ran through two parallel growths. In order for the ligament to work properly, both had to be removed. Due to the benign tumors, the ligament was longer and the calf muscle was shorter. After the seemingly successful surgery, my son was not able to lay his foot flat on the ground. He was enrolled in physiotherapy and nothing helped. Nothing until a friend of the family suggested we try out PEMF. After only 8 minutes on the mat, my son was able to stand flat on his foot with no pain or resistance. To my spouse and me, this was a miracle. That very same day we purchased PEMF and have used it avidly since.

~ Chris Markowski, Beamsville, Canada


I had previously injured my left leg and was told by the doctors that I had ligament damage and that I would have to completely rest for my leg for 6 months to allow the ligament injury to heal. For 4 months I felt that I was just going to have to live with the pain, as I am an active grandmother and devoted church volunteer. I used the mat for a period of 5 days. The pain in my leg subsided a great deal after 2 days of using the mat and the probe. The pain in my lower leg was completely gone at the end of the 5-day period.

- Marie, Charlotte, North Carolina


A local chiropractor used the mat for 3 days in his practice on patients with a variety of injuries, aches, ailments and chronic health conditions. One patient with fibromyalgia suffered from a great deal of pain. She laid on the mat for 16 minutes and felt absolutely nothing. She was visibly disappointed since she was feeling nothing while lying on her back on the mat. As she got to a sitting position, she began swinging her legs. She commented that there was no pain in her legs as they swung. She stood up, took a few steps and a wide smile appeared on her face. She turned to me and said that she felt no pain as she walked down the hall. I asked her how her pain levels had been earlier in the day and she commented that she was not sure she was going to be able to walk from her car to the chiropractor’s office due to the severity of her pain. She was amazed.

~ Ardich, Charlotte, North Carolina


I had an Ultasound a year ago and it showed a LOT of damage and erosion in my joints with cartilage missing. After using PEMF for about 4 months I have little to almost no pain, and all my joints are healing. The latest ultrasound shows my cart- ilage and erosion had been completely healed. This iMRS mat has most definitely assisted in my process of healing and recoveriy from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I continue to use the mat every day as it is now part of my daily routine. I highly recommend this as a MUST for everyone. I truly never thought I would ever be here now, completely pain free and a year of absolutely NO medicine.

~ April Brown, St. Catharines, Ontario


A 90 year old gentleman with Diabetes, kidney failure and half a foot already amputated, is scheduled for double amputations below the knees. He stops dialysis and does not want to live. In 2 days on the mat and pad, his legs begin to tingle and his constant pain is greatly dimished. He feels he wants to live again, and chooses to go back to dialysis. Within the week of using the iMRS mat and pad, his doctors and nurses are literally stunned to see blood circulating down to and coming out of his 'dead' feet.

~ thru Challamar, White Rock, BC


I have had daily headaches for 38 years, since I was 19. For all these years I have been on pain meds, 222s and worse. I also had shoulder pain from an injury 20 years ago and have been seeing a chiropractor regularly during all these years, without resolution. I also have had insomnia for most of my adult life, I could never get to sleep til 4:30 or 5am. The last big problem for me has been my short term memory loss, coming on strong lately. As an example, immediately after a movie, I would not be able to tell you the plot or names...anything....it would be erased from my brain. I have been using the iMRS mat sytem for 2 months and I now have no more headaches, and am off any pain medications. My shoulder is not painful and so I have been able to stop seeing the chiropractor. I now regularly sleep from midnight to 8am, and I have my full short term memory back. It’s wonderful to be able to remember experiences in such detail. I am very grateful for this life enhacing technology!

~ K.D., Bellingham, WA.