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Negative Ion Bio-Ceramic Bracelets


Bio-Ceramic Bracelets produce a high negative ionic output, infused with a full spectrum of frequencies to balance and harmonize the body systems, which creates happy feelings.

Reduces EMFs around the body.

These Bracelets are the new generation of ionic scalar bracelets and are unmatched as they contain Full Spectrum Infusion as well as Scalar Energy Technology. Made of highest grade ceramics and semi-precious minerals to produce a variety of colors with varying additional properties. This highly beneficial ceramic technology is put through a high-pressure heat treatment, heating each bracelet to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, nine times. The proprietary infusion method with the bracelet is very similar to the process of infusing the pendant. With our various frequency formulas through our IIT® process produces the finest full spectrum products available. The purpose of a zero-point energy bracelet should be to restore phase-locking with the zero-point field. The bracelet has been fine-tuned to function better with the circulatory system at the point of the wrist; this causes your blood traveling by the pendant in your wrist to be energetically restored and come to phase-lock, then that blood in turn travels throughout your body, helping restore your health.

Pink is a color attributed with healing sadness and grief. It is associated with youthfulness, peace, empathy, and tenderness.
Yellow is a color attributed to strengthening the mind. Yellow is associated with energy, focus, inspiration, and pain reduction.
Green is a color attributed with nature. Green is associated with balance and harmony in the mind and body, and it helps stimulate the heart chakra.
Turquoise is a color attributed with intuition and humanism. Turquoise is associated with disinfection, relaxation of stress, and cleanliness.
Mauve/Purple is a color attributed with healing and energy. Purple is associated with higher chakra levels, meditation, and mysticism.
Blue is a color attributed with air and cooling. Blue is associated with calmness, restoration, throat chakra, and centeredness.
Brown is a color attributed with grounding and order. It is associated with stability, comfort, and wellness in the material world.
Black is a color attributed with commitment and seriousness. Black is associated with mystery, restfulness, and fear-facing.

Take a piece of string or measuring tape and measure around your wrist. You should choose the closest size. The Bio-Ceramic Bracelets are elastic, flexible and comfortable.

The approximate sizes measurements are below.

X- Large = 19 cm or 7.5 inches ( 18 links )
Large = 17.5 cm or 7 inches ( 17 links )
Medium = 16 cm or 6.5 inches( 16 links )
Small = 15 cm or 6 inches ( 15 links )

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