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Human Body - .05 to 28 hertz

Cell phones - 500 to 5000 hertz

TVs - 100,000s of hertz

Digital Cars - 100,000s of Hertz

Computers and WiFi - Millions of hertz

Microwaves - Millions to Billions of Hertz

Cordless Home Phones and Baby Monitors
- 2.4 to 5.6 Billions of hertz

Cell Towers - Billions of hertz


The human body

with a low electromagnetic field of
.05 to 28 hertz

Causing Degeneration,
Mutation and Cell

SO...with all this EMF interference our cells start to shut down
by the millions and billions.....
causing degeneration - mutation - necrosis - cell death

In this radically unhealthy environment Cancer may start to take hold
in our bodies and tumours may begin to grow

"ElectroMagnetic Pollution (EMF)
may be the most significant
form of pollution
human activity produced
this century!"

- Dr. Andrew Weil, leading health expert

EMFs Produce Millions and Billions of Hertz
that our cells simply cannot handle

So our cells degenerate and mutate and die
many of our 'Modern Civilization Illnesses'
like babies being born with Leukemia
and the hard to ignore fact that nearly

ONE out of TWO of us now has Cancer

So what do we do????

Well.... we have 2 choices to diminish Cancer

1. Follow the Traditional Medical Model of chemo and radiation and surgery

2. Follow the Alternative Model that diminishes Cancerous activity naturally

1. The Traditional Model for Cancer

Published success rates of treating Cancer
using the traditional medical model are low
.....approximately 3% to 5% over 5 years.
Which means that for folks who opt for
chemotherapy and radiation and/or surgery -
approx. 95% their Cancer will likely return.
When Cancer comes back for the second or
third time, it becomes increasingly difficult
to contain and doctors may say there is
no more they can do. In addition to the
low rates of success in treating Cancer,
chemo and radiation weaken the body,
diminishing the body's immune system and
setting it up for susceptibility to other problems.

Some additional articles:

5 Year Survival Rates for Chemotherapy

Death by Doctoring

It is usually at Stage 4 that someone will suggest
the Alternative Cancer Clinics in Germany
and Switzerland, many of whom ARE beating
the Cancer odds using natural means

by creating an environment where
Cancer cells simply cannot thrive.
Cancer patients spend a small fortune to go
there, and in a few months of a strict regimen,
they get better. However, they then come home to
the same environment that created Cancer in the
first place, and eventually the Cancer may return.

Here's a thought -
Why not find out what some of these
alternative Cancer Clinics in the world
are doing and replicate that at home !

(Click on the adjacent link in blue)

2. The Alternative Model for Cancer

The Alternative Cancer Clinics,
after all their extensive research into how to
diminish Cancerous activity in the human body,
recommend an Alternative Cancer Protocol

Alternative Cancer Protocol
(Click here for the Ultimate Alternative Cancer Protocol)

They clean the person's digestive tract,
change the person's diet to Alkaline
with no Sugar or refined carbohydrates,
introduce Super Foods, introduce Heat
and Oxygen (Cancer hates both) and
utilize Vitamin C Therapy, Mistletoe Therapy
and perhaps most importantly, for Cancer,
Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy
also known as PEMF Therapy.
The PEMF protocol is to lay on the PEMF
mat for 8 minutes four times a day.


optimizing our cells' performance and protecting
us from further EMF damage LASTS 6 HOURS.

"Human cells that are exposed for 8 mins. to Earth's
low frequency Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field
grow faster and stronger."
- NASA Study

Click here to peruse
info on the Alternative
Cancer Clinics,
the Cancer Protocols
they use to tackle active
Cancer.  Most of these
Cancer Clinics use
PEMF Therapy!

So how does PEMF Therapy help with Cancer ?

20,000 Globally Researched Scientific Studies show
that Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy may help
to increase circulation, reverse aches and pain  
and also may enhance cellular metabolism.
Some of these studies are on PEMFs and Cancer

*** Reader please note - I use the qualifying term 'may' to satisfy the system
that would have us not make claims - be your own judge!

  • Users state that PEMFs have strengthened their immune system
    and increased their energy
  • PEMFs may increase circulation so there may be an increase in oxygen
    being delivered to the cells (Cancer cells do not like oxygen)
  • PEMFs may support an accelerated healing response
  • PEMFs may also support heightened organ function
  • PEMFs may increase the vibrational frequency of the cells to
    -70 to -90 millivolts (which makes it difficult for Cancer cells to survive as
    they carry a frequency of only -20 to -30 millivolts) making PEMFs a sought
    after protocol for Cancer.
  • PEMFs have been registered by the FDA as a transcranial application for
    specific brain tumours.
    We have numerous testimonials from users of
    diminishment in density and size of tumors and growths throughout
    the body.
  • PEMFs may reduce pain for folks experiencing Cancer.


Kim's Story:


3 years ago I underwent chemo and radiation treatments for Cancer.  When it came back I made
a decision to use only alternative therapies, as I wanted to be around for my little girl.  I got a number
of modalities going including intravenous Vitamin C treatments, alkaline water, and I got the OMNIUM
PEMF mat system.

I LOVE my mat!  And my results have been amazing. I went to Germany in November for treatment
where they used Magnetic Field Therapy every day.    I used my mat every day before I went there,
three times a day. In July, my breast cancer tumour marker was 113 and when I arrived in Germany
it was down to 85.  On my last test in Vancouver it was 50.  When I returned from Germany, I had an
MRI and my liver tumours had shrunk by 30% and the density was decreasing. I have not had any
other medications from the BCCA other than a new hormone which they already determined was not
working.  What a crazy ride!  I have been telling EVERYONE that I meet to get a mat.  Thanks again for
turning me on to this PEMF system.  It is part of my regime that is saving my life ...... literally!

2 days later: "Freaking amazing, right?  Had more blood work this week and the markers are down
to 43! "

~ Kim W-McCreath, Vancouver

Nancy's Story:


I have stage 4 breast cancer and have been feeling a lot of pain in my sternum, lower back and neck.
I was getting really depressed as I couldn't get comfortable, even with drugs. My sleeps were really
bad too, which added to my agitation. I made a conscious choice not to do chemo or radiation as a
few friends I knew who did chemo and radiation died within 6 - 7 years.

I am following an alternative protocol, changing my diet, utilizing TCM and other modalities. 2 weeks
ago I got the OMNIUM, and my pain has diminished by 80%! I am sleeping more consistently, usually
7 - 8 hours a night, and I have energy! I feel GOOD! I don't feel depressed any more, and most import- tantly, I feel hope! I expect to keep improving and am extremely grateful for this technology.

~ Nancy L, Langley, BC

Hawaii Story:


A young lady that had purchased the mat, discovered with a pap smear test, and then a biopsy, that she had stage 3 abnormal cells in her cervix, (4 being Cancer), so the doctor suggested an LEEP procedure, removal of portion of the cervix with the abnormal cells.

This was in November, and since the holidays were approaching fast, business was picking up, and life was busy raising a toddler and a 9-month old baby, she wasn't able to schedule the LEEP procedure until mid February.

Using the mat for about 3 months, some of the time regularly, some of the time not, she went ahead with the procedure and felt the mat would help her heal. Well the most amazing thing happened. The tissue from the LEEP revealed no abnormal tissue. no cells with a rating of stage 3, 2, 1, only 0. The doctor was baffled, and still to this day cannot understand how this is possible.

But WE know why this happened! The mat is amazing. We just have to learn to trust in the process and give the body a chance to do it's divine work.

~ Denice Murphy, Dipl. Ac
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Kona, Big Island, Hawaii
March 23, 2017

Headline - 'Radiation from Cell Towers Causes Cancer'

This article is from India, however, we are receiving studies and reports of similar incidents from all over North America, Europe and the World

A 76-year-old man who lost his son to cancer last year, allegedly due to radiation from mobile towers,
has moved the Delhi High Court seeking the removal of three mobile towers just metres from his residence.

Shrinivasan Sharma, a resident of North-West Delhi in Pitampura, has filed a writ petition which is
scheduled to be heard on Friday.

Sharma, who lost his 47-year-old son, claimed that three "deadly" towers installed in the
24-house Sharda Niketan colony have not only claimed his son's life but also killed as many
as seven others in less than two years.

He added that none of these individuals had a history of cancer in the family. Sharma said it is
mostly senior citizens who have fallen victim to radiation, as they tend to spend more time at home.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/indiahome/indianews/article-2289815/

Protect Yourself from our Cancer Causing Wireless World

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequencies that exactly emulate the Earth's low pulsating GeoMagnetic Field have been known to optimize cellular metabolism, strength and resilience.    When you lie on the mat for just 8 minutes, the resonance with the Earth's living frequency lasts for approximately 6 hours. This means that each 8 minute session can offer us protection from damaging wireless frequencies as well as offering regeneration possibilities for up to 6 hours.


Introducing NASA Researched PEMF Technology
iMRS intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

6 Tightly Wound Copper Coils issuing Graduated Scalar Waves
which exactly emulate standing on the EARTH
(stronger at the feet) so our bodies get charged by these low
Pulsating Electro Magnetic Frequencies - PEMFs
While lying on this PEMF mat, our cells begin to
(O to 30 hertz) which may STRENGTHEN our organs,
pathways and systems and may enable REJUVENATION
and strenghtening of the body so it can reverse any
degenerating negative high frequency damage
Each 8 MINUTES gives us

Disclaimer: This site does not intend to diagnose or treat Cancer or any other disease or condition. It's sole purpose is to educate the reader about the options to the traditional medical model used so prevalently in Western Medicine. We encourage the reader to seek professional medical advice before embarking on any therapy. We are offering alternative information readily available online and take no responsibility for the path any individual chooses with their choices in remedial protocols in regards to Cancer or any other condition.

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and guide you as you embark

on this healing journey

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