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Wanna Trade Money For Your Health?

Most of these cell towers are being 'sold' for tens of
thousands of $dollars to rent space atop our schools,
housing complexes, office buildings and churches,
enabling the relentless wireless industry to infiltrate
into every urban nook and cranny in the country.
The result? Kids and adults experiencing extreme
fatigue, diminishment and agitation and unfortunately,
many of our profoundly debilitating ailments.

The cellular dysfunction caused by these high electro-
magnetic transmitters is slowly killing us. With this
radiant violation our cells are in a constant state of
degeneration, and without healthy robust cells, there
is no possibility we can repair our body problems. No
lasting healing can take place while our cells have not
got the strength nor the fortitude to muster a defence.

Let's talk about what we are facing here.....

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy repairs cells damaged by EMFs in Cordless home phones

"ElectroMagnetic Frequency
Pollution (EMFs) may be the
most significant form of pollution
human activity produced
this century."

- Dr. Andrew Weil, Renowned Health Expert

The Aftermath

Studies prove the thermal and non-thermal effects of
this extreme radiation cause much more damage to our
human bodies than ever imagined. Apart from cancer
and brain tumors the radiation causes psychosomatic
disorders, including sleeping disorders, headaches,
stress, depression and anxiety, not to mention all the
physical aches and pain, wounds and fractures that
refuse to heal, decreased circulation and an increase
in inflammation and rampant disease states.

And Now Pay Careful Attention . . . .

We have had wireless for the past 15 to 20 years.
Guess when all these so called ‘Modern Civilization
Diseases’ became so evident? That’s right!
15 to 20 years. And it will become much worse.
The only way we can possibly counter this over-
whelming radiation is to move to a beach and live
shoeless on the sand 24/7. Nice thought...... just
not too practical.

The Solution

THERAPY is the solution

Not only to protect us from this on-going destruction and but to
reverse the damage already done. In just 8 minutes per session.
And it lasts for a whole 6 hours before we need to top up again!
** To be fully effective, the signal must be pulsating so the body
does not habituate to it.

Portable OMNIUM PEMF mat for home use to relieve pain, headaches, insomnia and depression

What is PEMF - Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency?

This German PEMF mat technology replicates the Schumanna resonance of the earth’s magnetic field

The Earth's natural frequency, upon which
all life exists, is loosely called the Schumann
Resonance, a combination of both the Geo-
magnetic Field of the Earth’s crust and the
Shumann Resonance (7.83 hertz) above the
crust in the Ionosphere. It is a living pulsating
frequency of between 0 and 30 hertz. This
is the same frequency that the human body
and brain THRIVE on! 0 to 30, baby!

Makes sense right? We are one with Mama Earth.

NASA has everything to do with it

iMRS and OMNIUM whole body pulsed
electro-magnetic mat systems utilize
NASA RESEARCHED technology to
replicate the living pulsing earth
frequency exactly, even making sure
it is stonger at the feet than the head,
just as we stand on the Earth.
When our cells begin to resonate with
Earth’s low pulsating frequencies

iMRS and OMNIUM utilize the NASA researched PEMF technology


Pulsed ElectoMagnetic Field Therapy reverses most conditions

"My experience in 7 years working with this technology is that the reversals
are remarkably varied. I am a bit in awe that this one tool can assist in so
many arenas ~ from migraines to super bugs, organ dysfunction, Diabetes,
depression and distressed muscles and joints, injuries, fatigue and crazy
disease states. And definitely with Electro-Magnetic Sensitivity Disorders

where so many of us are vibrating way too fast and are anxious, agitated and fatigued with our
hearts racing and getting triggered easily. We cannot avoid these unnatural electrical fields;
wall outlets, cell and home phones, cell towers, power lines, stoves, microwaves, computers,
wifi and even our digital cars. To survive this wireless world with ease and grace, check this
wonderful technology out for yourself and your family. PEMFs work!

Swiss Bionic’s 2 PEMF systems seem to be an antidote to so many of our conditions caused by
high frequency influenced cell fatigue and degeneration. I feel strongly these whole body mats
are essential tools for these ‘high vibration’ times. There should be one in every home.”

-Challamar Rayne

iMRS 2000 Mat PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies Reverse Pain and Inflammation
Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Portable OMNIUM PEMF mat system

What does each tool do?

A typical session requires you to lie down for 8 minutes
on the 6’ long Mat while it pulses the Earth’s magnetic
field as a triple overlaid pulsating scalar wave to your
cells enabling optimization. 8 minutes will bring your
cells to the resonance of the earth’s frequency of up
to 30 hertz, which lasts for 6 hours. During this time
your cells are ‘optimized’, able to assimilate oxygen,
hydration and nutrition and release waste and toxins
easily. In the 6 hours following your session, your cells
will have the strength to begin to repair the damage your
body has sustained, whether it be injury or a disease state,
a skin condition or fatigue, memory loss, depression, etc. etc.

And then?

Then you would place one or both of the accessories, the Pad and/or the Probe or OMNISPOT over the body where relief or regeneration was desired, for about 20 to 30 minutes in each location. Utilizing NASA’s square wave, these tools activate the mitochondria to literally ‘shock’ the cells into replicating healthy new cells, regenerating new nerve, bone and soft tissue cells. This is the ‘magic’ of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy.

iMRS and OMNIUM Pads, Probe and OMNISPOT to regenerate cells and reduce pain and inflammation

FDA loves PEMFs

PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy was first FDA registered
in 1982 as a treatment to improve the rate of healing for broken bones.
Since then, it has also been FDA registered as a treatment for pain,
stress, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and
non-healing wounds, including diabetic wound healing. Thousands of
studies worldwide have been conducted on PEMF therapy, proven to
be an effective treatment for conditions ranging from diseases like
cancer to degenerated joints and depression, even addictive behaviors.


Swiss Bionic‘s iMRS Whole Body PEMF system been approved
as a Class II Medical Device by Health Canada for
(and therefore oxygen delivery which STIMULATES the healing


What conditions are treated with PEMFs?


PEMFs have been found to increase circulation, improve oxygen uptake into cells,
reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and stimulate healing.

As such it may help with the following:

  • Muscle, Bone or Nerve Pain
  • Muscle, Bone or Nerve Injuries
  • Arthritis, Fibromyalgia
  • Cardiovascular Robustness
iMRS2000 PEMF Pulsed Magnetic Mat Resonates with the hertz frequency of the earth
  • Varicose Veins
  • Swelling (Edema, Lymphedema)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Anxiety, Insomnia, Migraines
  • Inflammation (Sprained Ankle,
    IBS, Interstitial Cystitis,
    Crohn’s, etc.)
  • Neurological Disorders (Autism,
    Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s,
    Multiple Sclerosis, etc.)
  • Strength, Stamina and Endurance
  • Overall Health Promotion

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Technology
World's Most Powerful Body Activator

These PEMF systems are not comparable to other technologies as they reproduce an essential
element of the body, which is missing. Our high intensity wireless world has seen to it that we
struggle to maintain our key low pulsed frequency. The PEMF Systems reverse this inequity.

How does PEMF Therapy work?

The body is an energetic matrix and each cellular function relies heavily on electro-magnetic
stimulation to perform. Our cells are bombarded with massive unnaturally high frequencies
from our wireless and digital world (millions of times the low hertz frequency that harmonizes,
activates and optimizes our cells) which causes our cells to tend towards degeneration and
renders them unable to reverse all the conditions that beset us. These low frequency pulsed
magnetic waves create a biological overtone which stimulates poorly functioning cells to
vibrate at the frequency of health. This is turn increases circulation, enhances energy, and
restores healthy cellular function, which improves immunity, metabolism and cellular regener-
ation. PEMFs are now recognized world-wide as ESSENTIAL tools enabling our cells to function
optimally, and for the body to then heal itself.

Allie Ochs the President of Swiss Bionic Canada OMNIUM PEMFGlogal

What do People Say About Using this PEMF System?

Use the Pulsed Electromagnetic Mat for 8 minutes each session and reverse your conditions

Check out how stimulating the body’s cells
with the exact replica of the earth’s magnetic
pulse, reverses conditions AND activates all
the organs and pathways. It has also been
used with great success for animals....many
instances of acute and chronic reversals using
PEMF whole body system. It’s hard to believe
at first until we realize this is the REAL DEAL!

Some Great PEMF Facts:

1. What do our Western Medicine doctors call full body pain, fatigue and insomnia? When they have no idea what is causing these all-too-common stressors, they call it Fibromyalgia. It means our bodies are overwhelmed. In Japan, they do not have the name Fibromyalgia. They call the sum of these conditions MAGNETIC FIELD DEFICIENCY SYNDROME. Translation: you are missing the correct low voltage of Mama Earth (0 to 30 hertz) and are overwhelmed by intensely high unnatural wireless frequencies, from 60 hertz (our home electrical outlets and appliances) to billions of hertz (cell towers and wireless home phones).

2. When someone has Parkinson’s they cannot stretch, yawn, have no sexual appetite and have lost their ‘zest for life’. Why is this? Largely because the Dopamine production in the brain is wiped out with Parkinson’s. Guess what? PEMFs revitalize Dopamine production and reverse these conditions in the bargain.

3. When someone has Multiple Sclerosis, the Myelin Sheath in the brain has disintegrated, causing the nerves to touch, which leads to spasticity. You already know what I am going to say! PEMFs can regrow the myelin sheath. In fact PEMFs can regrow healthy new nerve cells too....and bone cells as well as all the various soft tissue cells of the body. YES!

4. When we are depressed or unhappy we have lost our endorphin production to a large extent. PEMFs also produce Endorphins, which in turn create happy, calm and grateful people. Endorphins are also powerful pain reducers. And In just 8 minutes a session.

5. Three things stimulate Bone and Cartilage Regeneration; 1) Earth’s gravitational pull 2) muscle contractions and 3) pulsating magnetic fields! PEMFs are also such a blessing for people with osteoporosis, non-healing fractures and spinal fusions. PEMFs activate the growth of collagen which increases bone density, strength, flexibility and stiffness. PEMFs stimulate chondrocytes (cartilage cells), attributable to improved circulation and oxygen delivery, which increases mobility for folks with Osteoarthritis.

6. PEMFs are a proven treatment for Osteoporosis, improving spinal fusion rates, arthritis bone necrosis, wound healing disorders. Fabulous for neck and back pain, and incapacitating structural disorders such as whiplash and cervical osteo-arthritis, herniated discs, sciatica and irritated nerves.

7. PEMFs are especially valuable to use after Injuries and Surgeries, as PEMFs speed the support and repair of the damaged nerves, by binding receptors to the nerve cell membrane.

8. PEMFs also activate Human Growth Hormone. This is really great news as we can regain our libido, smooth skin, muscle growth, flexibility, energy and performance without having to resort to HGH injections.

9. Exposure to low frequency PEMFs increases the interleukin molecules whuich stimulate and grow Immune cells. These cells are key for reducing Inflammation, infection and fever, releasing anti-bodies when required.

10. Pulsating Electro-Magnetic Field Systems are used extensively in the top Cancer clinics in Germany. Several reasons for this. The increase in circulation means much more oxygen to all the cells and oxygen kills cancer cells. As important as that is, what is key is that the vibration of cancer cells is lower than 30 millivolts and the vibration of the healthy human body using this PEMF technology is approximately read 90 millivolts. In other words, cancer simply cannot exist in this environment. Check out the GUIDE TO THE TOP CANCER CLINICS IN GERMANY. PEMFs are also FDA registered for many decades to shrink Tumors and Growths.

11. The Autonomic Nervous System oversees all metabolic and organ functions. Regular use of PEMFs activates and balances the autonomic nervous system, reducing Stress and helps to prevent high blood pressure, hypertension, atherosclerosis, Arthritis and some cancers.

12. Pulsed Magnetic Stimulation increases Circulation, improving vasodilation in the body and the brain, stimulating the release of nitric oxide, that wonder substance that causes muscles to relax and blood flow to increase, thereby increasing oxygen delivery to the cells. I have personally witnessed diabetic amputations being cancelled because of the increase blood flow caused by PEMFs.

13. PEMFs stimulate new blood vessel formation and cell proliferation in Diabetic Ulcers and skin wound healing.

14. Fully 50% of North Americans suffer from tension and stress Headaches and a very high percentage with recurring Migraines. PEMFs increase vasodilation and reduce muscle and joint tension which in turn reduces headaches by over 75%! This increase is circulation and the relaxation incurred is likely the reason that 95% of users report their Insomnia is a thing of the past!


“PEMF is a benefit for
mankind from infant
to the geriatric,
and will lead to a
change in the
paradigm of medicine.”

Dr. Linus Pauling PEMF is a benefit for mankind All cellular activity takes place due to electrical impulse

“ Every activity of our cells
can ONLY take place due
to electrical impulse.”

- Dr. Linus Pauling,
Double Nobel Prize Winner

PEMF Technology is a Baby!

Wide spread use of PEMFs to reverse degeneration is still in it’s infancy
in Canada and the States. In Europe it’s a young adult!
They have been using PEMFs in hospitals there for over 20 years.

Why is PEMF not used in our Hospitals?

Why is PEMF not used in our Hospitals, or at the very
least recommended by our Doctors? Why do you
think? Consider our medical system for a minute.
It is based on the old and very outdated Newtonian
model of pills and surgeries as an answer for any
and all ailments. It is a $trillion dollar industry.
There are many conscious doctors researching
alternative methods to help their patients, however
the medical system simply does not support indepen-
dent thinking. In all their years of education and
practicums, MDs do not have one day of education

around the source of our physical problems, like nutrition for example. Not one day! They
do not educate us about our vital pH balance, that we are 70% water and must maintain a
slightly alkaline pH in order to tackle diseases like Cancer and certainly pain. Any one exper-
iencing those problems has an acidic constitution. Doctors may not talk to you about detox,
rather they offer pills, which are arguably the worst sort of toxicity. These chemicals ultimately
harm the body causing so many repercussions that create an even worse scenario for us as
their trusting patients. And Doctors certainly don’t talk about the electro-magentic frequency
of our cells and how crucial it is to address the ‘field’. Because they know nothing about it!
And we give our power away to them all the time .....

STOP it!

So what do our bodies really need?

In order to perform optimally our bodies (our cells)
must have oxygen, hydration, nutrition, exercise,
knowledge of a higher power, joy....and because
of our mucked up world... detoxification and the
correct low electro-magnetic frequency.
These things we must strive for.


Swiss Bionic’s iMRS and OMNIUM 1 Systems are the TOP
Pulsating Whole Body Magnetic Frequency Systems in the World
Proven globally through Scientific Research and Daily Usage
One of these Systems Belongs in your Home!
What are you waiting for?

Disclaimer: This site does not intend to diagnose or treat Cancer or any other disease or condition. It's sole purpose is to educate the reader about the options to the traditional medical model used so prevalently in Western Medicine. We encourage the reader to seek professional medical advice before embarking on any therapy. We are offering alternative information readily available online and take no responsibility for the path any individual chooses with their choices in remedial protocols in regards to Cancer or any other condition.

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your specific needs and pricing.
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