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Correcting the electrical field of our bodies is the
SAFEST, FASTEST and EASIEST antidote to wireless EMF
cellular damage and the conditions resulting from it.

....and so easy for us ~ we simply lie down!

This technology is TRANSFORMATIONAL!

May I help guide you into the best system
for your family and your pets?

Do you have any questions?
I would love to hear from you!

Call Challamar
about the iMRS Technology
the Price and any Specials
Financing or Renting
North America
Toll Free ~ 1 (855) 541-6111
Cell ~ (778) 552-2286 or
Email ~ challamar@shaw.ca

For nearly 30 years I have been assisting people to heal at home....
utilizing natural wisdom and tools that
activate the body to do it’s own healing

Many of us are realizing that WE are our own best advisors,
that our own intuition is our highest authority....and
that often, drugs and surgeries have not worked

Most of our conditions can be partially to fully resolved by
correcting the problem at the source
Resolutions that come through natural activation
rather than through chemicals or cutting the body

How I know that PEMF THERAPY is the ANSWER for ALL of us.....

1. Mark was told he was dying, that his kidneys would not regenerate and to get his
affairs in order, that the rest of his very shortened life would be spent having dialysis.
In a matter of months, Mark’s kidneys regenerated using the iMRS Pulsed Magnetic
Mat System.

2. B. H. had really bad back pain that reversed after only a few sessions. He says it’s
because this technology increased his circulation.

3. Kelly had a devestating stroke that left her paralyzed and without cognition. The
ER staff pulled 11 years out of a hat as the average time it would take for her to re-
gain cognition and full use of her body. 3 months on the mat - fully functional!

4. K. D. had sutained a shoulder injury, and 20 years of chiropractic visits had not
reduced the pain or healed the injury. Less than 2 months on the mat - all healed. No
more chiro. She also had bad headaches daily for 38 years, and lived on pain killers.
Her headaches left after a few sessions and have not returned. No more meds!

5. Laurie was told her by her doctor that nothing more could be done for her breast
cancer or all her rampant tumours, and that she was dying. She could even see a
golf-ball sized tumour that had broken through the skin near her breast. 10 sessions
on the mat and she saw it reduce to the size of a nut! 10 SESSIONS!!!

6. I know a woman who threw her walker away after only a few sessions. Her pain
had gone! Her elderly neighbour saw her and said “Whatever you’re doing I want it!”

7. Gordy hauled himself up the stairs to his first trial session on the mat. His knees
were killing him. ONE SESSION on the iMRS and he could run the stairs without pain.
Yes, I did say run....

8. I know a 90 year old gentleman facing double amputations due to kidney failure
and advanced diabetes. 2 days on the iMRS, his pain was gone and legs were beg-
inning to tingle. 7 days and blood was flowing freely to his feet, bringing life back
to his ‘dead’ limbs!



The summation is that SUSTAINABLE RELIEF is yours

WE OFFER FINANCING for as low as $65/mth and even have a
RENTAL PROGRAM so you can try before you buy

To talk to Challamar
about the iMRS Technology
the Price and any Specials
Financing or Renting
...... please Call !

States and Canada
Toll Free ~ 1 (855) 541-6111
Cell ~ (778) 552-2286 or
Email ~ challamar@shaw.ca

Challamar Rayne and her son Jordan,
another PEMF enthusiast

Our dog Zuma, having an iMRS session
Could this be why she runs faster than any other dog?