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    WHAT IF…..


What if five tools could, in most cases, reverse the cause of disease, pain, inflammation, aging and mood disorders ….naturally, without the use of pills or surgeries?

Could it really be this simple? Let’s find out.

Why this is so simple and yet profound is because every one of our cells is surrounded by interstitial fluids that connect each of them to every other cell in our bodies all the time.

Now let’s take this a step further. Think of all the body maladies that we are suffering from; arthritis pain, joint inflammation, diseases such as Cancer, Heart and Diabetes, weight gain, muscle spasms, skin conditions, weakened immune systems, asthma, allergies, stress, fatigue, exhaustion and mental illness.

Do we know the root cause of any or all of these problems? Well, since our bodies are only as good as our cells, could the root of the problem be compromised, unhappy cells? If so, what does a cell need for optimum performance? It requires a clean environment, chemically balanced pH, hydration, good oxygen delivery and waste removal transport, the right nutrition, electro-magnetic balance, exercise and rest. It’s obvious when you think about it.


1. HYDRATION ~ Water Ionizers restructure and diminish the size of the clusters of water molecules (in plain tap and bottled water these clusters are way too big to permeate our cell walls) which finally gets into our cells and subsequently hydrates us 4 – 6 times more than any other water we are drinking. Since 95% of us in North America are chronically dehydrated, this is very important. Dehydration is the leading cause of Strokes, Heart problems and joint pain. Cerra Alkaline Water Ionizer is equitable with electrical ionizers costing thousands yet costs only $139.

2. NUTRITION ~ The second tool is nutrition. Our cells require the ‘right’ kind and amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, omega oils, probiotics and enzymes for optimum performance. Studies now show us that there is literally no nutrition left in the soil in North America (something like 8% of what it was 100 years ago). So we are making a false assumption that we will get our nutritional requirements met in the produce section at any grocer. In fact, the pesticides and herbicides used on this produce is one of the main inhibitors to our health. We must look to more concentrated forms of foods in order to ‘feed’ our cells. We have found that Q Sciences offers the most exemplary nutritional products on the planet and are formulated for optimal assimilation.

3. ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FREQUENCIES ~ The earth has a magnetic field around it that is necessary for all life forms. Without this magnetic field, the human organism would shut down in a matter of hours. We are subject to massive unnatural electro-magnetic frequencies from cell towers, computers, Wi-Fi, stoves, cell phones, etc. which cause major stress and anxiety, toxins and staggering energy imbalances that greatly affect the polarity and therefore the functionality of all our cells. Well, enter the third tool, the iMRS Magnetic Resonance Stimulator ….the best on planet earth. This remarkable tool simulates the earth’s magnetic field by pulsing the same frequency range. Let yourself drift off for a bit while your body gets rebalanced and recalibrated. Cells, including nerve, bone and tissue, get regenerated, and seemingly irreversible chronic conditions, reverse. It enhances beneficial sleep beautifully….. just lie down and let yourself go!

4. ACIDITY ~ Did you know that, like a pool, the body also has an optimum chemical balance? It’s called pH, which stands for parts of Hydrogen or potential of Hydrogen. The more hydrogen, the more acidic it is. 7 pH is neutral, while anything above it is alkaline and everything below is acidic. Our bodies like to be slightly alkaline, with our blood’s pH at 7.365. If our blood drops to 7.2 pH we are sick, and if it drops to 7.1, we die.

Fact: All processed foods, dairy, meats, carbohydrates, candy, alcohol and most tap and bottled water are acidic, and ALL cooked food is acidic. Soda pop is the worst with the highest quotient of acid of any food or drink on earth! Did you know that high levels of stress can cause as much acidity in the body as drinking pop?! It’s a fact.
Question: If practically everything we eat and drink is acidic (basically the only foods that are alkaline are fruits and vegetables with a few nuts and seeds thrown in), how does our body’s blood maintain a critical pH level of 7.365 ??? Want to know? It’s not pretty. It steals! Yes our own bodies steal from our bones and tissue, all the alkaline minerals they can find to counter this acidic invasion. Minerals like sodium and potassium, magnesium and yes, calcium. Why do you think there is an epidemic of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis? Because we are so pH challenged, that’s why. Give our bodies the tools to easily maintain their optimum pH without stealing from their own resources, and we will experience reversal of many of the maladies we have created. A body which is acidic is prone to pain and disease. An alkaline body is quickly becoming optimized, balanced and healthy! What is the fastest and most effective way to balance the body’s pH? Drink highly alkaline water (9 – 9.5 pH) from a water ionizer. As adults we are approximately 70% water and our children are about 80% water, so it only makes sense that the fastest way to shift our pH is by drinking highly alkaline water. Electrical water ionizers attach to out faucets and split the water into separate alkaline and acid streams while Cerra Ceramic and Crystal Ionizers ‘transform’ the water….both of them making this restructured, super-hydrating alkaline right in our homes! The Cerra Ionized Water system is the best and costs only $139, not $thousands.

5. FREE RADICALS ~ Water Ionizers also eradicate free radicals from our bodies, which are damaging our cells and DNA as they scavenge for electrons. The hydroxyl ions created by the ionizing process donate electrons to these destructive single oxygen molecules and neutralize them. This wonderful water is emulating nature’s finest, as it oxygenates and mineralizes as well.
An example: a pH balanced body cannot harbor Cancer cells. Cancer thrives in an acidic, low oxygen, temperate environment. Cancer cells literally hate heat and oxygen. So as soon as we introduce the penetrating heat and increased oxygen from the far infrared sauna, and the highly alkaline water, we are directly diminishing a Cancer cell’s ability to live.

6. TOXICITY ~ Living in North America for the past few decades, we have been subjected to an exponential
increase in toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the environment and our food supply. These toxins have become embedded in our bodies, as body wisdom will not process that which will harm our organs. So we have all been accumulating hundreds of different toxic chemicals in our fat. We now know we must remove them to get our health back. So what is the most efficient and effective method of detoxifying? The far infrared sauna. Waves of far infrared (the same heat as our own body warmth) radiate back into us at a comfy 110 to 120 degrees F., vibrating the toxins free from their fatty surround, and both toxins and fat are ‘sweated’ out. We simply shower them away! Over a period of time, we will cleanse, leaving our cells unburdened, pathways unplugged and joints freed up. Additionally, the heart begins to work hard to cool us down, increasing blood flow, delivering 2 to 3 times the oxygen and nutrition to every cell, plus removing waste more efficiently. This increased metabolism has resoundingly positive effects, like lowering blood pressure. The only infrared proven to detoxify and activate at this level is the original developed in Japan, Solarus Infrared Sauna, with the Crystal Emitters. All others are knock-offs and are ineffective in comparison.

7. SLEEP ~ It is vital that our cells are allowed to regenerate overnight, through natural metabolic processes that can only take place if we are in deep Delta sleep, which then encourages the production of the body’s natural Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. It helps regulate hormones and maintains the body’s critical circadian rhythm. Melatonin also helps control the timing and release of female reproductive hormones. Melatonin levels may be related to aging. For example, young children have the highest levels of night-time melatonin. These levels drop as we age. Lower levels of melatonin explain why some adults have sleep problems. Melatonin also has strong antioxidant effects and helps strengthen the immune system. So deep sleep is vital, and a non-toxic sleeping environment is essential! We carry the only certified organic latex mattresses in North America. In-Bed Organics.

What you can expect from using all five of these simple but highly effective tools for life is the following:

~ Deep Cellular Cleansing and Detoxifying
~ Relief from Fatigue, Exhaustion and Stress
~ Relief from Joint, Muscle, Arthritis and Gout Pain
~ Reversing Cancer, Heart and Diabetes
~ Burning More Calories than Running
~ Reducing Extra Weight and Cellulite
~ Reshaping the Body
~ Strengthening the Heart
~ Increasing Circulation and Micro-Circulation
~ Clearing Skin Conditions and Infections
~ Reversing Osteoporosis
~ Reversing Gum Recession
~ Reversing Nerve Cell Damage
~ Reversing ADHD
~ Enhancing Sports Performance
~ Reversing Parkinson’s
~ Reversing Mood Disorders such as Depression,
   Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Bi-Polar Disorder,
   Addictive Tendencies, Brain Fog, Schizophrenia,
   early onset Alzheimer’s
~ Boosting the Immune System
~ Energizing and Clearing the Mind
~ Dispensing Lactic Acid Build-Up
~ Relieving Constipation
~ Reversing IBS
~ Relieving Indigestion
~ Relieving Acid Reflux
~ Promoting Deep Sleeps
~ Reversing Asthma/Allergies
~ Relieving Headaches/Migraines
~ Slowing the Aging Process
~ Lessening / Reversing Addictions
~ Increasing Bone Density
~ Reversing Bell’s Palsy
~ Reversing Inflammation
~ Reversing Tinnitus
~ Alleviating MS and Lupus

The FIVE ULTIMATE TOOLS for cellular rejuvenation and full-body optimization, are:

  1. CERRA IONIZED WATER ~ because of it’s unique Crystal and Ceramic Bead technology, filtration system and price point.
  2. Q SCIENCES NUTRITION ~ Optimal Health from powerful supplementation ~ because of their superb formulations and assimilability.
  3. iMRS PULSED MAGNETIC STIMULATOR ~ with 20 years of clinical research and usage in Germany, uncompromising quality and truly mind-boggling testimonials.
  4. SOLARUS INFRARED SAUNAS with the Crystal emitters ~ the original with 46 years of global research and proof of it’s brilliant performance.
  5. INBED ORGANICS – the only Certified Organic Latex Mattresses (from Sri-Lanka) as well as certified organic sheets and pillow cases, duvets and under-mattresses.

SO YES….reversing almost any body problem is just that simple !

These 5 TOOLS are available at the Ultimate Products for Life Centre in White Rock, BC
Please call for an appointment Cell 778 552 2286 Store 604 541-6111 Toll Free 1 (855) 541-611

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