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5 Essential Nutrients for Body Cell Regeneration

Everyone has the ability to regenerate their body cells. The growth and healing of our tissues begin in our mother’s womb and continue throughout our life. We can regenerate our skin, every cell in our organs and even bones and ligaments. However, for the body cell regeneration process to occur properly, we need sufficient consumption of these 5 nutrients:

1. Protein-based foods

Protein plays a major role in the growth and repair of damaged cells. Our body digests the protein to form amino acids. These amino acids are then reunited by our cells into thousands of proteins that are used for cell growth and maintenance. Deficiency of protein in your body will lead to problems with the skin, nails, hair, organs and most importantly development of muscle.

Proteins can be obtained from two types of sources and they are:

  1. Animal Products: Include fish, meat, eggs and dairy in your diet to get proteins.
  2. Plant-based products: Eat plenty of legumes, nuts, whole grains and vegetables to get more proteins.


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5 Foods That Regenerates Your Body Cells

Do you know that our whole body cells regenerate every seven years? Our bodies are comprised of ten trillion cells and tissues that are continuously dividing, regenerating and dying. However, with age, our cells begin to lose its efficiency and divide more slowly. The number of dying cells surpasses the production of newer ones.

Once we start ageing, our bodies slowly lose the strengths to fight against infections and diseases. This affects our:

A. Cardiovascular system

  1. Our heart rates slow down while the size of the heart gets bigger.
  2. Blood vessels and arteries get clogged, making it harder for the blood to be pumped into our bodies.
  3. This leads to high blood pressures and increased risks of heart attack and stroke.


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4 Basic Elements for Body Cell Optimization

Our body consists of 4 elements that are denoted as the basic building blocks.

1. Oxygen

  1. Our body cell comprises of 65% of oxygen.
  2. It is an absolutely vital element in maintaining the cellular health of our body.
  3. Oxygen burns the glucose or sugar present in our bodies to produce energy in the form of Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP). ATP is then hydrolysed to release the energy when body requires it.

A. Health implications of Oxygen

Healthy oxygen counts in the body Lower oxygen Counts in the body
Better Immune functions Weaker immune function
Higher energy level Fatigue
Improved T-cell counts in the body Lower T-cell counts in the body


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