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Optimized and Regenerate your Body Cell through our Natural Product

What if these five tools could, in most cases, reverse the root cause of diseases, pain, muscle spasms,
inflammation, weight gain, asthma, allergies, skin conditions, fatigue, weak immune systems, aging
and mood disorders ….naturally, without the use of pills or surgeries?Ultimate Products for Life is here to help you out.

Since our bodies are only as good as our cells, could the cause of all these problems be compromised,
unhappy cells?   If so, what does a cell need for optimum performance? 

Our bodies need these 9 things: a clean environment, chemically balanced pH, hydration, good oxygen
delivery and waste removal transport, the right nutrition, electro-magnetic balance, exercise and rest.

Our cells require the help of

Alkaline Ionized Water

TOOL # 1 ~ The ULTIMATE Alkaline Ionized Water

Get super-hydrated - latest statistics - 90% of us are chronically dehydrated
Balance your body’s pH - our bodies are dealing with overwhelming acidity

Right Nutrition

TOOL # 2 ~ The ULTIMATE Right Nutrition

Look all you want bud, it’s not in there!
Since there is no longer any nutrition in our soil and therefore none in our food,

Far Infrared Sauna

TOOL # 3 ~ The ULTIMATE Far Infrared Sauna

To get right to the point here, if a person does not get a SOLARUS INFRARED SAUNA, with the natural CRYSTAL and ZIRCONIUM emitters, they are wasting their money….whether it’s $2000, $4000 or even $5000!!

Pulsed Magnetic Stimulation

TOOL # 4 ~ The ULTIMATE Pulsed Magnetic Stimulation

The earth’s magnetic field is necessary for all life forms on earth. Without it our organs would shut down in a matter of hours. We are subject to massive unnatural electro-smog, major stress and anxiety, toxins and staggering energy imbalances that greatly affect the polarity and therefore the functionality of all our cells.

Certified Organic Bedding

TOOL # 5 ~ The ULTIMATE Certified Organic Bedding

Why take care of ourselves all day long and then spend all night in a toxic environment?  Our current conventional mattresses, memory foam and bedding are, across the board, unhealthy and laden with toxins, causing all manner of discomfiture, from insomnia to night sweats,